About Us

who we are

http://neilfeather.com/relocated-and-active/ We are a team of Herbal Therapists and producers of medicinal cannabis products whose main aim is to promote the benefits of medicinal cannabis and support the usage of medicinal cannabis as alternate medicine. We also provide eligible New Zealanders with Medicinal marijuana, which will enable them to acquire medicinal cannabis products.

Duitama We also offer medicinal cannabis products like hemp root oil, Tincture oils, Hemp root Balms etc. aimed towards alleviating your ailments and conditions. Mmjnz.org is all about lending a helping hand to patients and medicinal cannabis users. We want to educate the public about cannabis and hemp root and all their medicinal properties and derivatives. We are all about debunking the existing myths and misinformation regarding the wonder herb. Advocacy and education is our mission regarding cannabis. We are a forum for cannabis enthusiasts in New Zealand.

Medicinal marijuana

Our aim is to provide eligible New Zealanders a way to legally obtain medicinal cannabis products.

Country-Wise Distribution

We wish to distribute medicinal cannabis products throughout New Zealand to people who need it.

Online Hub

To be a common meeting place for medicinal cannabis users in New Zealand for interaction and discussion


To provide people with latest news and updates regarding medicinal cannabis from all around the world.